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Our Courses

Basics of Stock Market

Level : Beginner

The Base should strong to build a superstructure….!!! 

  • What is stock market and how it works. 
  • Stocks, Dividends, Bonus, Split of share & etc 
  • How to buy and sell a stock also when to buy and sell a stock. 
  • Charts, Type of Charts, Candlesticks and their patterns, Trendlines, Support & Resistance. 
  • Multiple time frames.  

Advance of Stock Market

Level : Intermediate

This course will change you full approach to see towards trading. Trading is to be done only for profit making and this is our key saying. Our unconventional approach will transform your trading journey to the next level  

  • Indicators and their use.  
  • Advance Candlestick patterns. 
  • Moving averages, their uses and their combinations. 
  • Testing of Price Action. 

Futures & Options

A perfect way to make money run faster……….  

  • Introduction to Futures & Options. 
  • What is a Call and Put 
  • Full Analysis of Derivatives market (Technical) 
  • Make Options to generate regular income. 

Master the Options

Complete advance level of trading options. Also we will teach you here that how can you make options to generate regular income for you.  

  • Advance level of Options. 
  • How to select right option. 
  • Exit and Profit making Strategies. 
  • Hedging the options. 
  • 15 min Trade…!!! Take a good profit in Lunch time in 15 min and go back to your work… 


Our very unique course “Multibaggerwill keep your heart calm but will give you massive wealth making opportunityHere you will get how to identify a multibagger stock , how to pick it at the right time.  

Mentorship Program

Our Flagship Program…!!! Come with us to become a Successful, Full Time and Professional Trader. This program will create your mindset to another level. Full dedicated support for a year to make your learn and enhance time to time. This program is more about grabbing your finger and make you learn how to walk, run and fly big in the stock trading journey.